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Welcome to the Hide Your Shame forum. Please be mindful of your words. You are free to express yourself, however, this is a community to help, not harm our fellow wo/man. Bullies will be removed. Harassers will be banned.

Safe Place - Forum

This is a safe place for people who want to talk about mental health issues
  • Ayahuasca
    This section is reserved for anyone who has done Ayahuasca or has participated in a religious ceremony and would like to share their experiences.
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  • All the Ladies
    This is a room for women who would like to discuss mental health and other issues related to the female experience.
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  • Military
    Currently serving, veterans, military family member or anyone concerned with PTSD and mental health of people in the military.
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  • Mommy Forum
    Women of all ages and stages of having and raising kids.
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  • PTSD
    A community of people who have would like to discuss PTSD
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  • Depression
    Discussions about depression, tips to places where people can get help.
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  • We're All Friends
    This forum is for the lonely or just people who want to make new friends
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  • General
    General discussions
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