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We Are Both Little Souls

We were both little souls coming back from our previous lives. A life which I cannot remember now. But we are together now, standing on a mountain. With a sky so brilliant blue. On a peak so high. There are angels singing above us and butterflies dancing around us. You reach out and hold my hand.

“You’re going to be born soon,” you say. “You’re going to enter a world that is painful. You’re going to be frightened and there are times you’re going to want to come back.”

I can’t imagine such a world. For our world is full of good things. The Spirits surround us with their wisdom. Preparing me for my journey.

“Are you not going with me?” I am trembling inside. For you are my soulmate. My other half. And though I cannot remember the previous life, I do remember that I was not pleased the times you weren’t with me.

“I will be,” he said. “But not at first. Not for many years. You’ll have to find me.”

“But we are supposed to stick together. What shall I do when you’re not there?”

Your soul radiates your love and I feel calm again. I know that I will be okay. But I am still curious.

“You’ll be with other souls. Some will love you very dearly. Others will challenge you. Every day will be a lesson. And an opportunity to make choices that will make you grow.”

I think about this. Were our previous lives this eventful? Where did we come from, I wonder. You read my thoughts.

“We were in a war. I was your best friend. We went to school together. I was a Christian and you were a Jew. We had conflict at first. We did not get along. But then the war started and we were in the same place. Fighting side by side. And the shadow of death brought us together. As friends. As brothers. And the thing they call religion did not matter. For we were one.”

“What about the next life? Are you going to give me a hint?”

The angels and other souls sing above us. They radiate their love. They ask us if we want to travel with them to check out another realm. A butterfly lands between us and offers a ride.

As we travel through time and space, the question still lingers. You want to make sure that the contract we make serves its purpose for soul growth. I understand that. But I love you so much. I want to make sure I find you.

“You will be born in America as a female. You’ll be a very sad girl. But you will have many gifts. You’ll just have to find them. Don’t let the doubt overwhelm you. You have always been a beautiful soul.”

The butterfly ascends on a quiet planet. It is dark and it has two moons. Other souls gather around to sing.

“I will be in a place called Ireland.”

“How will I find you?”

You wrap me with your love. Your pure love. “Don’t worry. I will be born almost a year after you. But there will come a day that you will be alone in Ireland. And you will be sitting in a place called a pub. And I will walk in and you will see me. You will know it’s me because I will give you a special smile. A smile that only you will recognize. And something inside you will ring like alarm bells. Calling you to me.”

It sounds easy enough. “So we will be lovers?”

“That’s all I know. The rest of the contract is up to us to fulfill when we are there. We have the freedom to make choices.”

“But what if we don’t end up together?”

The thought of us not being together in any space, frightens me. I feel a pain slash through me. I don’t want to go. I don’t want to be on Earth if there is a possibility we won’t be together.

But again, your love consumes me and I stop trembling.

“My Great Love…don’t you know that no matter what happens you and I will always find our way back to each other? We have done this since our souls were born. You are mine and I am yours.”

And that’s it. The eternal truth. I look back at the moons and the souls gliding and dancing in empty space. We are together now and that’s all that matters.

“I will find you,” I say.

And you look at me full of mirth. “Good. I expect you will.”

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