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Sacred Geometry and the Secrets of the Universe


Before I drove to the sacred camp ground, I had to make a stop at the notary to get my divorce papers signed. I went to a watch repair place where the shop owner is one of the grandfathers of the community. He is the go-to guy and people sometimes just stop by for a chat. Mr. Jim is also a notary. A perfect setting for the tragic part of this modern fairy tale. The shop keeper that day was a middle aged woman and looked at my papers and then looked at me with compassion.

The two hour drive was painful and the rain certainly mirrored my mood. I hoped that it wouldn’t ruin the ceremony. Like last time, I was greeted by Joe and the couple Marcus and Angela. They embraced me and introduced me to two new spiritual travelers. James is a middle-aged white man who works in the mortgage industry. His job is super stressful and he deals with some of the top people in the industry. He is a typical white privilege man who is not so typical. As soon as he found out about my travels to Ireland, he immediately lit up. Turns out, that’s his favorite place and he is looking for an excuse to move there. I also met Rebecca, who is about my age and very into yoga, art and medicinal herbs.

I knew the drill and Angela helped me set up my tent like last time. But I had to hurry because Joe was taking us to see the turbines. I we piled up in the back of his truck, his two dogs in tow, and drove to the part of the land where the turbines whirl to harness the energy of the wind. There is nothing like being in the middle of no where and witnessing an ever changing Texas sky with people who truly appreciate the significance of it.

We trekked to these giant boulders that were blanketed by the softest moss. As I stepped on to it and looked at the magnificent view, I realized how similar it was to my favorite place on earth. And the moss reminded me of the moss that my friend and I found on Inisheer. The signs were everywhere. And now that I think about it, the turbines are a huge sign….Windmill Lane.

We drove back to the camp sight and prepared for the ceremony. This time it was different. The air was still. There was a light show in the distance. The animals were sensing the the incoming storm. Joe prepared the fire, James lit the torch and talked to me about his experiences in Ireland. Joe came back with his tea. He asked each one of us how much we wanted to consume. He explained that he had run out of the caapi but had something called acacia confusa instead. He said it was a little stronger, so I told him that I would take one dose. James took these symbols and rang them. He said that he would ring them until the tone was satisfactory. He moved around the fire and rang it three times. On the fourth time, the tone stayed a long time. It sounded like it was contained. I’m not sure what the significance of this was. I know that it has something to do with the vibrations.

Like last time, we proceeded with the ceremony, circling the perimeter to protect us from evil spirits with sage. We sat in our places around the fire and spoke about what we were looking for and the gratitude for the gifts we were about to receive. I wanted direction and guidance about my future and the huge leap I am about to take. I wanted to learn. When it was my turn, I threw the herbs in the fire, saturated my hands and face with oil and drank from the wooded cup. This tea taste foul and I sucked on a lime to take mask the bitterness. And so it began.



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