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Sacred Geometry and the Secrets of the Universe


My experience was different this time. I purged only once that night and didn’t have to visit the spiders in the outhouse. After I threw up in the woods, I sat back down in the circle. Joe was chanting behind me, James was gently beating a drum and Marcus was shaking something that looked like a maraca. The air stirred and it started raining. We grabbed the food and some other items. I walked to my tent and crawled in ready for my journey.

My stomach made noises and I was in a bit of pain. But it was nothing like last time and I didn’t feel like throwing up anymore. I let the wave take me. And time seemed to disappear. And I became one with everything. This next part I will tell in present tense.

I close my eyes and lay on my stomach. The world fades and I am a singular being suspended in the darkness. But the darkness is not frightening. The darkness is everything. I hear the chants of the Peruvian shaman. I melt into the sound. My senses are enhanced. I am a tiger. And as abrupt as when the universe became our home, I see it. Colors burst onto the scene and I am thrown into a multidimensional world of sacred geometry. I can feel my mind letting go. There is a bit of resistance at first because the changes in the patterns are so lightning fast, I can’t keep up with them. I am afraid to adjust. But something tells me to let go and enjoy. So I do. And it’s like when you’re a child and you see a fireworks show for the first time. It is terrifying but mesmerizing. And your mind can’t comprehend the sensations all around. With the combination of the chants and the complex mathematical color show, I am melting into it and my mind is opening to a dimension my normal human brain has never even imagined in the craziest lucid dream.

It is different from last time in the sound as well. The chants engulf me but my ears prick up to a new sound. I am picking up frequencies that our normal human ears are blocked from. The sounds are electronic and the best way I can describe is like being in the motherboard of a computer. And the patterns in my visions realize that I am picking up on them and begin to shift to their frequencies. I see things in half color and half black and white. There are spheres mixed with cubes mixed with complex cones. But they change so rapidly. I’m not sure how long this goes on. Time is is flexible at this point. I think the Sacred Geometry is like an entrance. It’s teaching me that space and time can bend.

I turn on my back and hear the rain begin to pick up. There are flashes of lightning that seep through my tent. The rain, the storm, the chanting, the strange electronic frequencies become me. And that’s when the spirits, or whatever they are, begin to telepathically guide me. The music changes from the Ayahuasca Icaros to electronic music.

They tell me I can rearrange time and space. And I can feel myself in control now. With the beat of the music and the rain I rearrange the patterns. I bend through time and space. The spirits are excited that I am learning. They encourage me to take in everything. With my mind I am able to see the secrets of the universe. It is a astrophysical complexity that, again, my human form does not understand. And even as I try to recall as much of it as I can, I am not able to communicate the astounding complex beauty and mechanics of it. It was a high level that is only reached when in skilled in meditation or, of course, taking the medicine. But I was able to use the energy around (sound, light, physicality and anything invisible to us) to practice bending and transcending. The music is so pulsating and I moved faster and faster. The spirits guiding me and help me construct my reality.

The music switches back to the Ayahuasca chants. This time it is two men and a woman. My visions slow and the geometry morphs into a more personal lesson.

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