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Sacred Geometry and the Secrets of the Universe


Hand and butterfly hand painting, tattoo, over a blue sky, concept for spiritual symbol of soul ayahuasca

In between all this jam-packed vision fest, is the core of the experience. I reserve a special thought for V. My V, who I thank for helping me with my journey. V is a special case. He is someone I love very much. And he is someone who I consider special because he inspires me. He is my muse. My love. But the funny thing is, he is not awake yet. He has no idea the impact he has had on my journey. Yet, he has not taken this spiritual path yet. And I talk about V because I ask the spirits about his place in my life. As I am writing this…the Beatles play on the radio (Two of Us)…his favorite band. I mean I’m not kidding…It is 8:40 pm here and KXT just played this as I am writing about him; this makes the hair on my arms stand up. It’s real! The magic is all around us. And a side note to this, I also encountered John Lennon in my visions.

I saw V the first time as well and he was smiling at me with that brilliant smile of his. It’s what has always attracted me to him. This time I ask the hard question. I get the hard answer. V loves me. He does. But he is not ready yet for me. I see the struggle on his face. But I understand because I know now that he loves me. He asks me to be patient with him. That’s all I need. Love is about letting go and trusting. If I don’t get to be with him again in this world, I know that it doesn’t matter because I will be with him no matter what. In the place we call home, which is all around us, love doesn’t exist as an exclusive. There is an abundance of love that connects us all.

You see, V played his part. He introduced me to my butterfly. The butterflies have been following me ever since he spoke them into existence. I can tell you countless stories about the strange places and times they have appeared as a reminder. Not only real ones, but in movies, songs, paintings, words people say. The day before the ceremony, I went to my therapist for his advice on what to ask my guides. I was so down that day. I told him I was entertaining suicidal thoughts. He got super animated and said, “you have special gifts and you need to do what you were put here to do. There is something waiting for you. Don’t you know that you are the butterfly?” I was in shock at those words. My therapist, as it turns out, is very awake.

I ask them about my trip to Ireland and that opened up a brilliant flood of colors. It is like seeing one of those time lapse videos of plants growing. But instead of plants or flowers, it is a flood of colors being born and growing. It is like looking at an adult coloring book come to life. There is so much love contained in that place. How can a place love me so much as I love it in return?

There is a point in the experience where my guides seem to gang up on me and bombard me with their love. What does it all mean? Why am I here? And they lovingly scold me.

“Don’t you see! We created you! We all created you! You created this!”

And my visions transform again through space and time. I continue to manipulate it. They open a path and show me….myself. I am looking at myself. Not in my human form, but my essence. I am in awe.

“You are beautiful. You are pure love. We all love you. Please don’t forget us. Don’t forget what we say. You have to finish your work. You’re a healer. They need you. You are beautiful. You are the most beautiful. Please don’t forget that. Love yourself. We love you. We created you. You created this.”

It was a chant. A mantra. My mantra. My ego was shrinking but my self love grew. Because self love, real self love, is love for all. It adds to the good in the world. If people truly love themselves, they can heal themselves and, thus, heal the world. Lifting the vibrations.

I see visions of the people who are in pain, who need my help…who I am supposed to help. I see and feel the millions of people suffering in North Korea and China especially. I send my love to them. I telepathically message them to let me love them. That even though I am physically thousands of miles away, I am still connected to them. I know now. I can’t give up. It’s not an option anymore.

The final message.

“You’re the butterfly! You’re the butterfly! You’re ready! Come out! Don’t forget! When you go back, don’t forget!”

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